HostGator Coupons for 1 Cent or 20% Off for Life

Today we’ve got some exciting HostGator coupons to share that we’ve collected from around the web.

The 1 Cent Hosting Coupon

This coupon lets you begin hosting at HostGator just about for free. You can select from a variety shared or reseller packages. You’ll still receive all the same items in the package you select such as unlimited space and bandwidth it’ll only cost you a cent for you entire first month.

The 20% Off For LHostGator Couponife Hosting Coupon

With this exclusive coupon you get 20% off discount for life. Yes, that means the coupon and its price stays in effect until you keep your hosting active. There’s no cutbacks on support, resrictions or anything of the sort. You get exactly the same features, add-ons and software from the reputable and reliable hosting you’ve come to expect.

Limited Time 40% Off On Dedicated Servers

This is a coupon HostGator has just released with the introduction of its new Dedicated Severs line. This is for professional users who need the whole server to themselves with root access to configure every aspect of their hosting to fit their want and need.

In fact, after the coupon code is automatically applied by clicking through, add your hosting choice to your cart and you’ll see the new discounted price before you checkout.

Run the numbers and see which one works better for you and get in on it before they expire.

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